Inversor de corriente

CNBOU has been as a professional power inverter manufacturer in China since 2012. Our professional R&D team provides customers with deep customization needs in software and hardware. With an annual production capacity of 10,000 units of purified production workshop and perfect production quality tracking system, we ensure that each inverter can reach the customer's standard. Rapid response professional sales team and after-sales support system, feedback within 1 hour and after-sales solutions within 24 hours, providing customers with a full range of high quality services. Order tracking system brings customers intuitive order production details, from planned production to delivery, the specific time of the 5 major steps will be provided to customers for real-time inquiries. The powerful support center provides customers with common FAQ's, which are automatically updated for every customer usage issue, and provides 24-hour online question and answer service. We believe a professional power inverter manufacturer can provide the best customer experience from design, production, sales and after-sales.

CNBOU professional power inverter manufacturer has a complete product line to meet customers' various application scenarios, including: off-grid solar system, RV and truck electrical system, professional vehicle electrical system, Yacht electrical power system, Communication vehicle power system, Power supply systems for ambulances and rescue. We specialize in manufacturing:

BP series pure sine wave inverter from 300 Watt to 8000 Watt

BP series inverter charger pure sine wave from 600 Watt to 6000 Watt

BP series bypass inverter pure sine wave from 600 Watt to 6000 Watt

BPlus series pure sine wave inverter (New) from 300 Watt to 5000 Watt

BM series modified sine wave inverter from 1500 Watt to 3000 Watt


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